Needed material: Glass jar, black tea, sugar, starter scoby/tea, paper towel/cloth, rubber band

The picture shows the results and batch of kombucha ready to ferment.

Easy Step-by-Step :

  1. Buy two bottles of plain organic kombucha from the local coop or grocery store. Look for bottles with a clear jellyfish looking item floating within. These will act as you starter scoby (jellyfish) and tea. The scoby is small and will grow with the right conditions. Leave on the counter and loosen the cap or take off completely. If you were to put a little piece of paper towel over the top, the scoby would grow.  Another option is to look locally or on for the scoby and starter tea. I’ve used both methods with success.Organic Kombucha
  2. Brew 4-8 bags of organic black tea and 1 cup of organic sugar per 1 gallon of water – proportional less for less brew…not a perfect science. Let this cool overnight or for a few hours. The mixture needs to be around room temperature. The closer the water is to the original the better. I use spring water from the Fredrick-Miller SpringOrganic Black Tea
  3. Pour mixture and starter scoby/tea together into a glass jar. Place a paper towel and rubber band over the top.
  4. Place the jar in a dark place to ferment for 7-30 days.
  5. When mixture  is ready (taste every couple days) pour into smaller glass containers. Saving the much larger scoby 1-2 cups of mixture for the next batch. Having the next batch ready at this point works best.

Note: When brewing use the purest water and ingredients available, glass, and limit contact with metal. These tea bags come in little plastic bags and I will be using loose leaf tea as I’ve started a #NoPlasticDiet but will save that for another post.

Enjoy and let me know the results.

iPeace, TJ