Life is opportunistic. Listening and knowing when to grab hold is one that comes with wisdom. When those moments pass, the lesson is learned. Love! Business! Peace! Connection! Wisdom is listening when our gut talks to us. Recognizing this moment or opportunity as unique. Maybe only passing through one time. Without completely understanding the details, walking forward. Feeling our intuition! Listening! Trusting! Eyes wide open! Outside familiarity!

Part of the beauty of fly fishing is watching a trout rise to the fly. When sitting in meditation the fish in the river can be an analogy for ideas or opportunities. Most pass obliviously around. Once in a while one will take notice and move towards the fly. On rare occasions, a trout will dance with the line. Like in life, opportunities are all around us. Every morning. In routine. Found in random places. Maybe when life is messy.
For my grandma on the farm or at the lake, today’s opportunity would have been sun tea. As she would often put a glass jar filled with water and tea bags in the hot sun to seep for hours. Fresh sun brewed tea over ice is goodness. Refreshing. Feeds the soul.