International Owl Festival / Birthday Weekend

International Owl Festival / Birthday Weekend

Minnesota sits in a unique region that allows 13 types of owl. From the plains to the river valley, owls thrive here. Lucky for us the International Owl Center is located in Houston, MN (Pop. 979) which is southeast of Rochester, MN. Also home of the yearly International Owl Festival.

My son’s interest in owls started while learning about birds of prey and expanded while visiting the Raptor Center – University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The special interest for Snowy Owl before the unique invasion of these beautiful birds in 2015.

For the last two years we’ve made the trek to Houston for the owl party, because we love owls and we like birthday adventures. We were fortunate to have a couple cousins venture with us.

International Owl Festival : Birthday Weekend COLLAGE

Details found in the Info description of the pics. Check the 360 photos ;-)

Stops: Covered Bridge -> International Owl Center -> International Owl Festival -> Leg Stretch -> Five Guys




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​Trusted Google Photographer Minneapolis 2 Million Views

​Trusted Google Photographer Minneapolis 2 Million Views

Over time, some photos have been posted on Google. Google liked it. Awarded me with the Trusted Photographer certification. Recently these photos crossed the 2,000,000 views mark. 2 million is a lot of anything. This feels good because many (our client @ Corrective Crew work is equally rewarding) photos are taken in nature. In places like parks, tough to find locations or little gems of tranquility nature spots. The idea is when more people see the beauty close by they will go.


Thx for peaking! iPeace
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Our Pets Have us Trained….Well

Our Pets Have us Trained….Well

There is a saying that states “we don’t choose our pets our pets choose us.” In McBucks case, that is true. This morning on our run, eight dogs somehow organized a off leash meetup in the middle of the wooded trail. Some might say that was by chance but the other theory says it was staged with perfection. Well done to the dog committee. Well done!

Buck in Humane Society

Brief McBuck Story

The Golden Valley Human Society holds many different animals, mainly dogs and cats. We often visit the animals before/after other activities or adventures. On this one visit we noticed a dog standing above the kennel 5 foot walls and looking around. It was than we notice Buck standing on his hind legs to get this perspective. I’ve never seen this before or after. We took Buck to the dog run (outside fenced in area) to play fetch a bit. Within moments he was acting like he wanted to please, which can be rare. We weren’t looking for a new dog as we already had the best dog in the world. On this day Buck was looking for a new home as he already had spend 2 months in the shelters. So, McBuck chose to come home with us within the next couple days and the rest is history.

Tommy Juju With McBuck
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Dalai Lama’s 2016 visit to Minneapolis

Dalai Lama’s 2016 visit to Minneapolis

“Today I want to speak about some of the thoughts and experiences I’ve had as a human being, not as a Buddhist or as Dalai Lama.”

On February 21st, 2016 the Dalai Lama spoke for 3.5 hours in Minneapolis at the Convention Center. A full review from the Dalai Lama talk can be found here from his website. A live feed replay is also available.

Dalai Lama Sitting

“Problems are own creation”

My $.02 & what stood out:

This man is an absolutely delightful human. Had no idea he was such a humorous guy who enjoyed joking with people. On more than one occasion he stopped mid-talk and waved to a little girl, threw treats to three kids, joked with the translator or all the rest of us. The energy in the room, his presence, was a memorable experience.

Dalai Lama Little Girl

“Human being killing another human being – has become almost normal”

The “first part” share from the Dalai Lama’s talk was about the basics as a human being. Not the “Dalai Lama” but a human sharing. He touched on gun control and how surprising and out of control it has gotten. He literally appeared in awe by how numb the US has become.


“Healthy Body – with smile / happy family / happy community / allows happy humanity”

When the Dalai Lama talked about Buddhism using the word “suffering” and how he doesn’t like this word so much. He offered some others words that could be substituted. Discomfort, difficulty, vulnerable, distress to name a few. All can be used and probably add a deeper meaning to the situation.


“A student mind is better than the teacher’s mind”

Favorite quote from the afternoon. Reminds me to stay teachable. Always. In moments of doubt and certainty. Lessons are presenting themselves and I can turn my cheek or absorb and learn.

A very lovely man. A once in a lifetime experience for me, my father, and my kids.


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Some photo credit to Jeremy Russell.


Resistance is lying and full of shit

Resistance is lying and full of shit

“Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.”

~ Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


The goal when starting a new book is to gather knowledge. Something that can be used to take an important next step. The War of Art was recommended by multiple sources from different walks of life. The fascination is taking a piece of information today and using it at some point in the future.




See passed imperfections or make changes. Don’t resent.

Hiking to Picacho Peak 360 View

Hiking to Picacho Peak 360 View

The Picacho Peak State Park is located roughly between Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona right off Highway 10. We only stopped to hike the peak. When reading descriptions like “It’s a four-mile-round-trip butt-kicker,” “aggressive,” and “expert hike” – sign me up. Hunter Trail (leads to the peak) was voted “Best of Phoenix Winter Hike” for one of the best trails locally.

Picacho Peak Hike

What we found was a moderate hike during the first section (Hunter Trail) until a small pass.

Picacho Peak Hike Cables

Then the hike gets more much more aggressive with cables…

Picacho Peak Climb

ledges, and rocks…

more cliffs and overhangs until you reach the top.

Picacho Peak 360 Photo

Absolutely worth the hike as the 360 view from there is breathtaking.


Warning: This is one of those hikes where it’s easier hiking up to the peak then down. A 6-year-old coming down was experiencing that first-hand. Cool seeing a Ranger in the area for the “just in case” situations.

Picacho Peak Map

As you can see from the map, this park offers a lot of options and many comments were found on the interweb talking about the great camping and more casual hikes.


Enjoy and be safe.


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Why Celebrate Sober Anniversaries

Why Celebrate Sober Anniversaries

Anniversaries can be a time for reflection and hope. To humbly give pause. Whatever the milestone – XXII, VI, I, 6 months, 30 days, 1 day. Years or days or moments – all time passes, like life. Sober/high, ill/well, flush/broke, married/divorced, fear/love, the best and the worst of time passes.

Not knowing at the time, my last drink wasn’t spectacular. During my drinking/drugging life, fantasy was always grander than the reality. If the circumstances warranted, “the last” would have been just another after the mess was cleaned up. Again! On this Monday night at Cattle Company on 494 I was “suppose” to start the five-week outpatient treatment program. The idea was it would “look” good in court. The treatment canceled for the night because the temperature was unsafe for travel and the state basically shut down. I went to the bar….because that’s what you do. The emptiness of that large half drank beer is still vivid. The flash and fun had long run out. The cost always too great. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. The drink was pushed away and I went home.

Reflecting back on the journey I can say with complete certainty, time goes fast. Life is perfect with room for improvement. Shit hits the fan. Amazing moments happen. We show up in ways unimaginable before. Joy happens. In the journey. At different points quickly and often felt slowly. Always with hope for a better tomorrow.

Life Examples:

  • Holding my children as they were born.
  • Wiping my mom’s last lonely tear as her life passed.
  • Make and lost a few nickles.
  • Feel love even when the heart gets broke.
  • Raised two wonderful kids.
  • Consistently run/exercise while nourishing my body, well.
  • Walk through an early stage cancer scare.
  • Helping another.

One Old-Timer (RIP Bill M.) gave me a card early on, it has since become my guiding principle. I am responsible for my own Karma/Kamma.

Man in the Glass

Last night, a regular night with my kids, we shared moments of laughter about our super wonderful dog, Rebos, that had passed a while back. The depth of gratitude felt for these “regular” moments is immeasurable. I get life today. Free! In all it’s wonderful messiness.

Thank you to the people and pieces that have been in place that allowed me to learn.


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Bitcoin Stabilizing.

Bitcoin Stabilizing.

Bitcoin is growing and stabilizing. Discredited and stiffled by the exact corps (big banks, corruption, unsettle government, favoritism) it undercuts. A neutralizer of sorts. Global.

Moment Bank Collection

Moment Bank Collection

This little piggy bank has been repurposed to collect moments. Memories. Thank you notes. Thoughts. Goals. Or anything else on a piece of paper, stuffed into the slot and forgotten about. Open and relived on New Years Eve. A very great full moment. Welcome 2016!!! 2015 thank you, bye bye.