There is a saying that states “we don’t choose our pets our pets choose us.” In McBucks case, that is true. This morning on our run, eight dogs somehow organized a off leash meetup in the middle of the wooded trail. Some might say that was by chance but the other theory says it was staged with perfection. Well done to the dog committee. Well done!

Buck in Humane Society

Brief McBuck Story

The Golden Valley Human Society holds many different animals, mainly dogs and cats. We often visit the animals before/after other activities or adventures. On this one visit we noticed a dog standing above the kennel 5 foot walls and looking around. It was than we notice Buck standing on his hind legs to get this perspective. I’ve never seen this before or after. We took Buck to the dog run (outside fenced in area) to play fetch a bit. Within moments he was acting like he wanted to please, which can be rare. We weren’t looking for a new dog as we already had the best dog in the world. On this day Buck was looking for a new home as he already had spend 2 months in the shelters. So, McBuck chose to come home with us within the next couple days and the rest is history.

Tommy Juju With McBuck
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