Finding local gems while traveling to new areas can change the dynamics of a trip completely. How often have you learned of a new place AFTER returning home? HATE!!! Whenever a great article listing hidden gems is read or someone is talking about a unique location, those get added to my google maps. Sometimes with notes but usually not. When traveling and see a STAR Google Map Star in the area, the adventure gets adjusted. Actually, the starred area often becomes the priority because why else would it be there? :-) Those simple actions have made most of traveling enormously more enjoyable.

North Carolines Hidden Gems List

The article listed 15 different locations in North Carolina and I’ve created a map to be shared. Feel free to import into your map or just use this one as you are moving through the area. Good luck and inJoy!!! Drop me a line if you visit any of these places.

iPeace, TJ

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