The Picacho Peak State Park is located roughly between Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona right off Highway 10. We only stopped to hike the peak. When reading descriptions like “It’s a four-mile-round-trip butt-kicker,” “aggressive,” and “expert hike” – sign me up. Hunter Trail (leads to the peak) was voted “Best of Phoenix Winter Hike” for one of the best trails locally.

Picacho Peak Hike

What we found was a moderate hike during the first section (Hunter Trail) until a small pass.

Picacho Peak Hike Cables

Then the hike gets more much more aggressive with cables…

Picacho Peak Climb

ledges, and rocks…

more cliffs and overhangs until you reach the top.

Picacho Peak 360 Photo

Absolutely worth the hike as the 360 view from there is breathtaking.


Warning: This is one of those hikes where it’s easier hiking up to the peak then down. A 6-year-old coming down was experiencing that first-hand. Cool seeing a Ranger in the area for the “just in case” situations.

Picacho Peak Map

As you can see from the map, this park offers a lot of options and many comments were found on the interweb talking about the great camping and more casual hikes.


Enjoy and be safe.


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