Your tribe is there! Waiting! Ready! Keep going :-)

How often have you been at a social event or work setting asking yourself, what the hell am I doing here? Who are these people?

It’s not uncommon having these feelings. How do you deal when in those awkward situations? Sometimes they are felt working for companies or jobs we don’t like or find unrewarding. Today during a conversation with a friend “finding our tribe” came up. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t challenge ourselves to get outside our comfort zone or try new activities or limit our fear based choices. Quite the opposite! Outside our comfort zone is where life often starts. Awkward situations help us grow and expose parts within ourselves we wouldn’t necessary otherwise see and feel.

 Find Your Tribe Love them Hard

(click on the picture to see the Blind Melon – No Rain video)

In retreat, our tribe is there. Those who we let into our world and share a piece of our soul with. Dear friends, lovers, family, and co-workers. We all get to choose. Who feeds the goodness within me? Who lifts me? Who can I lift? Those are some of the questions I find myself asking. Often!! Like the “Bee Girl’s” face shows, the emotion is there, raw, and real when you find that someone. The feeling I’m home!!!


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