“Today I want to speak about some of the thoughts and experiences I’ve had as a human being, not as a Buddhist or as Dalai Lama.”

On February 21st, 2016 the Dalai Lama spoke for 3.5 hours in Minneapolis at the Convention Center. A full review from the Dalai Lama talk can be found here from his website. A live feed replay is also available.

Dalai Lama Sitting

“Problems are own creation”

My $.02 & what stood out:

This man is an absolutely delightful human. Had no idea he was such a humorous guy who enjoyed joking with people. On more than one occasion he stopped mid-talk and waved to a little girl, threw treats to three kids, joked with the translator or all the rest of us. The energy in the room, his presence, was a memorable experience.

Dalai Lama Little Girl

“Human being killing another human being – has become almost normal”

The “first part” share from the Dalai Lama’s talk was about the basics as a human being. Not the “Dalai Lama” but a human sharing. He touched on gun control and how surprising and out of control it has gotten. He literally appeared in awe by how numb the US has become.


“Healthy Body – with smile / happy family / happy community / allows happy humanity”

When the Dalai Lama talked about Buddhism using the word “suffering” and how he doesn’t like this word so much. He offered some others words that could be substituted. Discomfort, difficulty, vulnerable, distress to name a few. All can be used and probably add a deeper meaning to the situation.


“A student mind is better than the teacher’s mind”

Favorite quote from the afternoon. Reminds me to stay teachable. Always. In moments of doubt and certainty. Lessons are presenting themselves and I can turn my cheek or absorb and learn.

A very lovely man. A once in a lifetime experience for me, my father, and my kids.


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Some photo credit to Jeremy Russell.