Recognizing Opportunistic Moments in Life

Recognizing Opportunistic Moments in Life

Life is opportunistic. Listening and knowing when to grab hold is one that comes with wisdom. When those moments pass, the lesson is learned. Love! Business! Peace! Connection! Wisdom is listening when our gut talks to us. Recognizing this moment or opportunity as unique. Maybe only passing through one time. Without completely understanding the details, walking forward. Feeling our intuition! Listening! Trusting! Eyes wide open! Outside familiarity!

Part of the beauty of fly fishing is watching a trout rise to the fly. When sitting in meditation the fish in the river can be an analogy for ideas or opportunities. Most pass obliviously around. Once in a while one will take notice and move towards the fly. On rare occasions, a trout will dance with the line. Like in life, opportunities are all around us. Every morning. In routine. Found in random places. Maybe when life is messy.
For my grandma on the farm or at the lake, today’s opportunity would have been sun tea. As she would often put a glass jar filled with water and tea bags in the hot sun to seep for hours. Fresh sun brewed tea over ice is goodness. Refreshing. Feeds the soul.

Ramp Sriracha Sauce

Ramp Sriracha Sauce

A yummy recipe using fresh ramps. I don’t measure and never make it the sam way twice but have included the link to the original idea man.

1. Mix – fresh ramps bottoms, red Fresno peppers, salt, something sweet (sugar & honey) and any spices (smoked paprika & fresh curry)
2. Ferment 10 or more days (stirring every two)
3. Cook down & blend/purée in Vitamix
4. Prepare to be badass :-)

Ramp Sriracha round

Note: This idea came from ForagerChef. If you forage, follow this dudes goodness. I used his recipe as a guide but didn’t measure and used different ingredients.


Finding Our Tribe

Finding Our Tribe

Your tribe is there! Waiting! Ready! Keep going :-)

How often have you been at a social event or work setting asking yourself, what the hell am I doing here? Who are these people?

It’s not uncommon having these feelings. How do you deal when in those awkward situations? Sometimes they are felt working for companies or jobs we don’t like or find unrewarding. Today during a conversation with a friend “finding our tribe” came up. 

This doesn’t mean we don’t challenge ourselves to get outside our comfort zone or try new activities or limit our fear based choices. Quite the opposite! Outside our comfort zone is where life often starts. Awkward situations help us grow and expose parts within ourselves we wouldn’t necessary otherwise see and feel.

 Find Your Tribe Love them Hard

(click on the picture to see the Blind Melon – No Rain video)

In retreat, our tribe is there. Those who we let into our world and share a piece of our soul with. Dear friends, lovers, family, and co-workers. We all get to choose. Who feeds the goodness within me? Who lifts me? Who can I lift? Those are some of the questions I find myself asking. Often!! Like the “Bee Girl’s” face shows, the emotion is there, raw, and real when you find that someone. The feeling I’m home!!!


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North Carolina’s Hidden Gems

North Carolina’s Hidden Gems

Finding local gems while traveling to new areas can change the dynamics of a trip completely. How often have you learned of a new place AFTER returning home? HATE!!! Whenever a great article listing hidden gems is read or someone is talking about a unique location, those get added to my google maps. Sometimes with notes but usually not. When traveling and see a STAR Google Map Star in the area, the adventure gets adjusted. Actually, the starred area often becomes the priority because why else would it be there? :-) Those simple actions have made most of traveling enormously more enjoyable.

North Carolines Hidden Gems List

The article listed 15 different locations in North Carolina and I’ve created a map to be shared. Feel free to import into your map or just use this one as you are moving through the area. Good luck and inJoy!!! Drop me a line if you visit any of these places.

iPeace, TJ

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International Owl Festival / Birthday Weekend

International Owl Festival / Birthday Weekend

Minnesota sits in a unique region that allows 13 types of owl. From the plains to the river valley, owls thrive here. Lucky for us the International Owl Center is located in Houston, MN (Pop. 979) which is southeast of Rochester, MN. Also home of the yearly International Owl Festival.

My son’s interest in owls started while learning about birds of prey and expanded while visiting the Raptor Center – University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The special interest for Snowy Owl before the unique invasion of these beautiful birds in 2015.

For the last two years we’ve made the trek to Houston for the owl party, because we love owls and we like birthday adventures. We were fortunate to have a couple cousins venture with us.

International Owl Festival : Birthday Weekend COLLAGE

Details found in the Info description of the pics. Check the 360 photos ;-)

Stops: Covered Bridge -> International Owl Center -> International Owl Festival -> Leg Stretch -> Five Guys




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