Resistance is lying and full of shit

Resistance is lying and full of shit

“Resistance is always lying and always full of shit.”

~ Steven Pressfield, The War of Art


The goal when starting a new book is to gather knowledge. Something that can be used to take an important next step. The War of Art was recommended by multiple sources from different walks of life. The fascination is taking a piece of information today and using it at some point in the future.




See passed imperfections or make changes. Don’t resent.

What is love? – Brad Troeger

Brad @healthteachr101 discusses the ever so important question about what is love. Does love qualify us as people and is our love different from animals, reptiles, birds, or a fish out of water?

Does love equal strength when someone stays married for 78 years or decide to call it quits after 10. Are these situations the same if the 78 year wife was abusive but the 10 year wife was not? Does love even need marriage.

Nice video to help us think.


When we treat others with love, we feel better and more loveable. In the end that is what matters, to feel loved.