Minnesota sits in a unique region that allows 13 types of owl. From the plains to the river valley, owls thrive here. Lucky for us the International Owl Center is located in Houston, MN (Pop. 979) which is southeast of Rochester, MN. Also home of the yearly International Owl Festival.

My son’s interest in owls started while learning about birds of prey and expanded while visiting the Raptor Center – University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The special interest for Snowy Owl before the unique invasion of these beautiful birds in 2015.

For the last two years we’ve made the trek to Houston for the owl party, because we love owls and we like birthday adventures. We were fortunate to have a couple cousins venture with us.

International Owl Festival : Birthday Weekend COLLAGE

Details found in the Info description of the pics. Check the 360 photos ;-)

Stops: Covered Bridge -> International Owl Center -> International Owl Festival -> Leg Stretch -> Five Guys




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