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Humbled & grateful. XXV years. Have been involved in WAY more life than ever imagined. #soberlife #ODAAT

Nail Clipping In Public – Are You A Fan?

Nail Clipping In Public – Are You A Fan?

Regardless where you stand on the “clipping your fingernails in public” subject, you never need to see it again. How can this piece of greatness be true you ask? Because ClipDifferent developed a nail clipper where you literally NEVER need to touch nail clippings again.

Never is a pretty long time.

Cool, right?

Using a tradition nail clipper creates a mess and many people who are clipping their nails on a subway, or clip their nails on a bus, or in a church, or …. Do so because of the mess from clippings flying. Using the ClipDiffererent, that won’t happen – EVER.

# notstressedenough#noclippinginpublic

Smile for the camera | Look 👉 | Where? | *click | Haha

Smile for the camera | Look 👉 | Where? | *click | Haha

Photographer: Smile for the camera.
Melanie: Hey look, is that Santa? 👉
Me: Where?
Photographer: *click*
Melanie: Haha, works everytime.


NOTE: This photo was taken during the M.S. Birdie Bash Event Dinner Gala where ClipDifferent sponsored a table. All the proceeds go towards helping Rick Ebner and others receive the much needs care. The other day I meet Rick at the Courage Center and was in shock by how well equipt this facility was. They specialize in helping people be there best self through recovery, strength, and gaining independence.