Are you the Business Owner? - Google Maps

When you search, Google (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.) provides the most accurate information. Right? Often when there are local solutions Google lists close by results within Google Maps off to the side. If your company doesn’t show or if its listed but with the words “Are you the business owner?” at the bottom, there are dilemmas with your business listing. Corrective Crew can help you fix these issues.

Google Maps is a nifty way companies (large and small) connect to their clients. The main features that benefit business owners are accurate information, reviews posted by past customers, photos showcasing your offerings, and turn-by-turn directions to your business.

For your business to appear you need to be relevant with the search results. To be relevant in search results, Google needs to organized (index) your online presence. For businesses that depend on local traffic through their doors, Google Maps is critical. Critical!! If your business stays unclaimed, Google pulls the data from many sources and this data is always incomplete and sometimes inaccurate.

Corrective Crew helps clients manage these nifty solutions. Google Maps in particular as a base. Our clients notice changes (sometimes drastic) with organic traffic online and through the doors. Better leads. More sales. That is the goal. Agree?

Once claimed, Google can list your business as a local solution. Brilliant!! Clients who have started using Google Maps see increased traffic. Less calls from confused customers asking for directions. And can finally ride off into the sunset, happily ever after.

We’re here to help make the process easy on you. Easy is good. Truth!

Thank you, TJ